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On The Campaign trail in 2004
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2005 Campaigning means we have an election again
2005 Election or not, costumes abound
Some Electioneering was noisier than others
2007 Electioneering revealed a regal bearing
2008 proved you do did NOT
have to be campaigning to be "costumed"
and many strange sightings were found on the grounds.
OOPS!   I have NO pics of Electioneering or costumes for 2006
  ..if you do please send them to me so I can post them on here.
Sorry, I have not received any  Electioneering pictures for 2009 or 2010 to date..
2011 saw a real battle with 6 candidates in the running
Campaigning in 2011 saw 6 candidates battling it out for 4 positions
2012 Electioneering