Vote 4 Me !
  (and other Themes)
Campaigning with Broad Shoulders in 1976     ... and  Snoopy  in 1977
Canvassing for Votes in 1979
Snow White
& her dwarfs
   in 1982
Election Speeches in 1982
.Every Year is Election Year!
- 4 new members are added     to the committee each year.
1990 Rub-a-dub 3 Men in a TUB
1992 Brings the Animals from down on the Farm
Ma's Kids, Anne & Andy -1989
1989  - Campaigning with The Old Woman In the Shoe and all her Kids
A Bon Homme Snowman seeks Votes in 1993
1994 - Aladdin, the Genie, dancing Girls, Sultan and 40 thieves??
The King is in his Castle  -  also 1994
Electioneering in 1995
   in 1998
  Go back 100 years to
  2000 Looking for Votes,
and Dorothy & the Tin Man
Which way to Sherwood?
More Campaigning
Seeking Votes in 1980
Seeking Votes in 1981
Election speeches in 1983
More 1981 campaigning - swaying hips and the VOTES
Looking for OZ and VOTES in 1980
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This "Turkey" is running in 1989
   (-Sorry, No insult intended
.   . just could not resist the "line" )
Peterborough vies for Votes in 1983
Christmas & Easter 1991
Ma - 1989
Election Speeches (Check out Santa's Shorts) 1997
The FIFTIES were alive and well in Election campaigning during the 50th Anniversary year of  2001.
2002 sees a full slate
of Candidates