If you are using a square thong as opposed to a round one, ensure that there are no twists in the neck part and that none are put in when tying the knot.  After tying the knot as shown above, tighten evenly.  That will take some time, but just work it round and round working the leather one loop at a time until it is tightened and even, and just enough thong is left for the beads.          Remember--Practice makes Perfect!  
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The Diamond Knot was used by Rovers on their thong to designate the completion of a quest. While not neccessary, many Gilwellians have adopted this and tie the diamond knot  on their beads to designate completion of their "quest" - namely their Wood Badge --  so here's how it's done.
Note--- I received the following e-mail so I thought I'd add it here until I make the time to test or correct the above drawing/animation.

"Your drawings are fine to begin with.  After making a carrick bend, though, you show the running ends going OVER the last turn of the knot AND next going OVER the next line as well, before dipping under and coming up through the middle.
                 This makes for a really sloppy knot.
Try going over the bend, then UNDER the other line.  Lastly come over and DOWN through the center of the knot and pull tight (snug it up).  It lays beautifully, now."