Information for the Upcoming Reunion
    September 10, 11 and 12, 2004
2004 Reunion Committee:

Chair ................... Harry Niezen... (N.Waterloo)
Past Chair .......... Rick Koohtow... (Whitby)
Sec/Treas. ......... Bob Prentice

Camp Chief ....... Russ Kelk
Guest Speaker ... Bea McClelland

Accom/1st Aid .... Dave Wiebe.. (Canal Connection)
Campfire ............. Tom Keppy... (Niagara)
Control (Main) ..... Kim Murison... (Wendat)
Control (Ebor)...... Brigitte Jordan ... (Nottawasaga)
Elect/ScoutsOwn. Dave Gagen... (Mississauga)
Log-n-Beads ..... . Maria Guest... (London)
Meet-n-Greet ....... Penny MacLean...(Peterb-Qeos)
Parking ................ Don MacAngus... (Hamilton)
Prog/Fire.............. Ian McLeod... (BYGTWO-Loyalist)
Registration ......... Linda Gernhaelder... (WAGON)
Sanitation ...........  Jane Redin... (Brant)

Scouts Canada Liason -- Jeff Sauve

  Theme  -  Rise to the Challenge
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Previous Reunions
Feb. 4/04  Scouts Canada has informed the Committee that everyone attending the Gilwell Reunion this year (2004) MUST  have completed their Woodbadge training  and ...

1. be a member in good standing of Scouts Canada or a member of an organization recognized by WOSM (Boy Scouts of America, the Scout Association (UK) and etc.
-- in other words, the "Official" Scouting Organization of their country).  OR

2. hold a membership in a BP Guild or a Gilwell Club and pay an  additional amount ($ 20.- for 2004) above the Reunion Registration costs.

In addition, Scouts Canada will need to ensure that all participants are members in good standing with their appropriate Scout Association.  Only approved members from appropriate organization's membership lists will be considered for admittance.

Feb. 7 /04   Since the Reunion is an "Official Scouting" event, members of BPSA will not be allowed.  A letter has gone out from Scouts Canada to all Area Commissioners regarding BPSA.  A copy of that letter is included in the Spring Log-N-Beads which will be sent to each Contingent's Contact. 

Reunion Registration Fee for 2004 (-No increase)   $ 18.00  ($ 20.- for Late Registration)
(..Plus $ 20.00 for non-members .. as per Jeff Sauve's letter in the Spring Log-N-Beads)

Please Please Please... Register on time with your canvas and however many people you have confirmed by then (you can always register additional persons after that).  Control needs to know your canvas size a.s.a.p. so they can do the layout,  make application for the building permit and get the Permit back from Milton.  That process takes time to complete so please do your part to help by ensuring your registration is sent in a timely manner.
and remember.......... as required by the Ontario Building Code, all tents over 645 sq. ft. in area MUST have engineer's drawings for "the supporting framing structure and anchoring system" and ALL marquee tents to be used at the Reunion MUST have "certification demonstrating the flame spread rating to comply with CAN/ULC and NFPA criteria" (have flame retardant test certificates and appropriate tags affixed to the canvas).   Copies must be submitted WITH your registration.   ... Thanks!

Complete Registration information will be forthcoming in the Spring Log-N-Beads but to facilitate the whole process PLEASE DO YOUR PART TO REGISTER ON TIME. 

May 5, 2004
The Spring Log-N-Beads should be out shortly (by the end of May) and the Registration deadline is July 2nd.(now extended to Aug. 3)  The extra $ 20.- for those who are NOT currently a member of Scouts Canada, BSA or etc. must be sent in with your registration to the Reunion Committee Registrar.  (Note- this is different from last year) 

Registration Forms will be in the Spring Log-N-Beads (or you can e-mail me to request them - Please include your Contingent name). 

We face a few changes to the fields at Blue Springs which will reduce the space we have available on  Whiskin Field.  The septic bed for Ridley will be marked off this summer which will preclude driving a vehicle or the setting up of marquees on the tile bed, so please do not use a marquee bigger than your attendance warrants.  Space is an ongoing concern.

Goat Hill will also have the Septic bed marked which will mean no vehicles will be allowed to drive onto it's location, but sleeping tents for "Working Contingents" can be set-up as before.

Please consider running a candidate for Committee.  It would be great to see us get back to "hard fought - hard won" election campaigns we used to have.  Remember it is YOUR Reunion and being on Committee allows you to help shape its direction.  We need 4 new members each year to replace the 4 retiring from Committee.  The term is 3 years and, while you can have a different job each of those years, your Contingent can have a lot of fun with the various jobs by setting their weekend's theme around it.  Most of the jobs have been pared down (-Control has been split into 2) so that they are no longer such large undertakings and you are at liberty to request help from other contingents.  You can also team up with another Contingent and jointly run a candidate if you think your Contingent is too small to run for Committee.   ... and don't forget, being on Committee is a "job with a ROOM".   Without a Reunion Committee, there can be no Reunion, ..... the jobs are not hard, (each comes with instructions), and you will have the support of the rest of the Committee.

This Year at Reunion we will be collecting "Gently-Used" uniforms (current ones only) for ALL sections, all sizes, to be sent to Nunavut for use in Scouting groups up north ... Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders.  Please help make this project a success by scouting around for used uniforms and bringing them to the Reunion with you.  Whitby District will be collecting these for us there.

Also.... if you bought a new Computer and don't know what to do with the old one why not donate it to Scouting.  I am still collecting old computers and peripherals (keyboards, mice, moniters, scanners, cameras, CDR or CD R-W etc. and also SOFTWARE - games and all kinds of other software for Win3.1, Win 95 and Win 98, including old printer and sound card   software etc.) for the Computer Lab (-opening now scheduled for fall 2004) at Blue Springs Scout Reserve (Blue Heron). 

If you, (or your workplace, or neighbours) have any such items to donate,
please E-mail me at to make arrangements to get them to me.
Please use "Blue Springs Computers"  in the subject line. 
These items can also be dropped off at the Blue Springs Scout Reserve Office.

To date Blue Springs has 20 complete computer systems (from 386s to P2s) along with software dealing with environmental issues, birds and animals, endangered species, stars and planets and etc. for various age groups as well as games and "fun" stuff, but we are always looking to upgrade to newer computers and also for more software.

June 8, 2004 
The long awaited Spring Log-N-Beads was sent out June 2. 
Since the Log-N-Beads is a "copyrighted" document it will not be posted on here as a downloadable file.  If you have not received your copy and need one, E-mail me with your Contingent name and I will send you a copy.  Please specify PDF format (needs Acrobat Reader to open) or MSWord format (needs MS Word Program to open).

I also have Registration forms only, in either PDF or MS Word if you need them.  (They are P9 to P11 in the Spring Log-N-Beads.

MARK ALL E-mail "Gilwell Registration" in the subject line so I don't "trash" your e-mail without reading it and I will send them to you, and don't forget to include your Contingent name.         . . . . See you at the Reunion!

June 15 - I just received word that because the Spring Log-N-Beads was so late going out,  the Registration deadline has been extended to August 3 for this year only.  A communique with this information was sent out to all Contingent Reps June 10.

Important!!  It is imperative that you indicate to Registration if you have a "cook" trailer that must be accomodated on the field other than inside your marquee so that space can be allocated for it. This was overlooked on the Regsitration form..OOPS! 
Only kitchen  trailers will be allowed to stay on the field.

As soon as I get the Field Layout Map from Control (Wendat) I will post it at the bottom of this page (probably some time near the end of August).  Then it will be updated with any last minute changes as required.

For ALL Contingents registering -- 
.... Please include the following -

1.  A listing of the names you are registering, if Canadian, American, other or Absentee
    ...and how many are NOT currently registered with Scouts Canada, BSA etc.

2.  A tally of the amount due for Registration and either a copy of the bank deposit (for Direct
    Deposit) OR details of how/when payment is being remitted.

3. The size of your marquee (canvas only) and whether it is a "Rental" or not and if you
    have a cook trailer that must be accomodated OUTSIDE of your marquee.

4.  Your Field preference

5.  A copy of the Fire Certificate and, for tents over 645 sq. ft., a copy of the structural
    drawing for your marquee.  We send these to Milton along with our permit application.

6.  A second contact person with an e-mail address for your Contingent -Name, full address,
    e-address and telephone number)

  THANKS!   That will save a lot of extra correspondance since I am minding the Registration e-mail address for Linda (WAGON-Registration) until she gets a computer back on-line.

This is my last year on Committee and for a change my Contingent, Nottawasaga, will not have a member on Committee next year.   Therefore I need your help to ensure I retain access to pertinent Reunion information to post here for our Gilwellians.  If you have found the "Upcoming Reunion Info" pages on this "unofficial" website usefull, please mention it at the Contingent Reps meeting on the Saturday at Reunion so that future Committees will continue to pass on relevant information to be posted.  -THANKS! 
See you at Reunion! ... and Have a Nice Day!

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Updated September 4, 2004
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