Information for the Upcoming Reunion
  September 13, 14 & 15, 2002
(Remember, that's one week later than usual.)
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Camp Chief            - Jack Welsh  (Whitby)
Chair                       - George Lim  (Mississauga)
Past Chair              - Dave Kish     (Vic Durham)
Sec/Treas.              - Bob Prentice
Prov. Appointee     - Chuck Lawrence
Guest Speaker       - Yvonne Gibson

Accom/1st Aid        - Harry Niesen (N. Waterloo)
Campfire                 - Donna Cunningham (Owasco)
Control                     - Brigitte Jordan (Nottawasaga)
Elect/Scouts Own   - Maria Guest - (London)
Log-N-Beads          - Michele Buckley (Peterborough)
Meet & Greet          - Lesley Wright (S. Lake Simcoe)
Parking                    - Brian Packham (Niagara)
Prog/Fire Control   - Rick Koohtow (Whitby)
Registration            - Pam Parker (Haldimand)
Sanitation                - Glenda Scott (Agincourt)
Please refer to your Contingent Contact Person's copy of the Spring Log-n-Beads and Communiques for detailed instructions,but here's a quick summary of the main points.

General Information ...
The Committee was unable to create a Blue Springs BP Guild, so those Gilwellians who are no longer active or registered with Scouts Canada or etc. and needed membership will have to join a BP Guild on their own.. A list of BP Guilds was sent to each Contingent's contact person.

Teddy Bears .... The Teddy Bear campaign is on again for this year. The bears you collect can stay home. (you can bring pictures .. or the bears if you insist) and we will give you tags (similar to last year's) and once the cards are signed and attached your bears can then be donated to YOUR local hospital(s)..

Regulations ....
-The Gilwell Reunion is open to any Gilwellian registered with, and in current good standing with, the Worldwide Brotherhood  of Scouting
-Beads must be worn at all times.
NO Flashing Lights allowed at Reunion either on marquees or on persons
  (--- these can trigger epilepsy into seizures)

Registration ....
- Due by June 30 - $ 18.- per person - Late Registration $ 20.- per person
-Wristbands will be used (and checked)
- No wristband, no entry into Blue Springs.
-A Registration Booth will be set up in the Parking Lot for those who have not already
registered with a Contingent... Please be prepared to show proof of membership with
Scouts Canada, Boy Scouts of America, or a BP Guild etc. 
-Normal Registrations will be held in Murray Lodge. 

Parking ....
-Parking is limited so car pool if possible. 
-On arrival you will be directed in to Blue Heron where you will be issued the appropriate parking passes.  These must be filled out and placed as directed.   
-Some Handicapped Parking spaces are available for those with proper permits. 
-Please Follow Parking Personnel directions.

Fire Control .... 
-ALL canvas must meet "Standards for flame tests of flame resistant fabrics and film"
and show the approved certification. (Certificates must match the marquee canvas.)
-Each Contingent must  -* designate a Fire Prevention Person
* have two fire buckets filled with clean water outside the canvas at all times.
-*have two 10 lb. ABC-type Fire Extinguishers fully charged easily accessible.
-All cooking equipment must be Propane (no liquid fuels). Propane lighting IS allowed.
-Each Contingent can decide if they wish to allow smoking inside their marquee. 
-No generators allowed. 
-NO SMOKING, NO COOKING and NO HEATING equipment in the sleeping areas.
-Fire Lanes must not be blocked by guy ropes.

Control ....
-All canvas must meet fire retardant standards. 
-No cook tents allowed
-You must submit ACCURATE dimensions for your marquee when registering, and if
using a rental company, advise them that you will only be alloted the size you originally
-Rental companies can set up marquees after 12:00pm Thurs. Sept. 12
-Working Contingents are permitted to set up after 5:00 pm Thurs. Sept. 12
-Non-working Contingents will enter Blue Springs/Ebor starting at 1pm Fri. Sept. 13
but will be allowed to set up their sleeping tents in Blue Heron prior (on arrival).
-Anyone requiring electrical outlets (for Medical Reasons Only) must book this in
advance with Blue Springs office (tel. 519-853-2209). A $ 5.- fee will apply.
-Trailers will be moved to and from Ebor and Whiskin fields via the ranger's tractor
(Please  KNOW the Ball size for theTrailer Permit tag you will get from Parking.)
-Wrist bands must be worn in appropriate places.
-No pets, babies or children allowed (Come on, we all know that)
-No alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs allowed.
-Blue Heron and Goat Hill are reserved as sleeping areas and are quiet from 11pm
until 8 am.  All cooking and eating is restricted to Whiskin and Ebor fields.
-The upper floor of Ridley Lodge is off limits to all except the Gilwell Committee
-A shuttle bus will run from Blue Heron to Whiskin (the loop) and Ebor fields.
-There is NO bus service to Everton
-Bicycles are NOT allowed in the park during the Reunion.
-During any ceremonies the roads will be closed so the buses will not run
(For detailed procedures for arriving and leaving Ebor or Whiskin fields,
please see Spring Log-N-Beads)
-Please follow Control Personnel direction

Accomodations & 1st Aid 
-A list of off-site indoor accomodations is in the Spring Log-n-Beads, as is an
application for accomodations at Camp Everton 8 Km (5 miles)  from Blue Springs
-First Aid will be located in Ridley Lodge (Superior Room - lower level)
-If you are a 1st Aider, nurse or doctor and wish to offer your assistance, let us
know who and where you are (what Contingent).

Elections ...
Contact Maria if you wish to run a candidate this year.  Remember it takes 12 committee members (working contingents) to make the Reunion run smoothly, which means electing 4 new members each year.(Committee members serve a 3-year term) ... We are still short one from last year, so please give it some thought. 
We are striving to reduce the workload for some of the bigger jobs on committee. 
Lend a hand .... YOUR candidate can help us make the needed changes.

Campfire ... -Please observe formal campfire protocol ...
No smoking, no clapping, no flashlights and no pictures.

Sanitation ....
-Showers at Goat Hill and in Ebor Park will be open all weekend. 
-(The washroom facilities in Ridley Lodge are off-limits to non-committee persons)
-Below is a map of the permanent kybos in the park (marked with a "W"). 
-If you require facilities close by, please choose your sleeping tent site accordingly.

Why do we need to have wristbands? ....
The Chair responds -
One of the fundamental challenges that your Gilwell Reunion Committee encountered over the past many years was our inability to account for the many Gilwellians who did not pay their regisration fee, but attended the event.  This kind of malpractice has to be curtailed for the benefits and in the interest of the majority who pay their registration fees.  It must be remembered that there is a cost involved in organizing, administering and operating an event like the Reunion, and this amount is recovered through the registration fee.  Wearing your wristband at the Reunion identifies you as a registered Gilwellian who has paid his/her registration fee to attend the event.

In the Works...  A number of years ago the "space" problem was addressed by your Committee and a sq.-ft.- per-attendee-ratio guideline was set down (13 sq. ft. per person initially, then 15 sq. ft. per person).
Over the years, this has again slipped by the wayside for some contingents, causing the extreme shortage of space we encounter today.  At present some contingents have less than 13 sq. ft per person, while for others, this has crept up to well over 70 sq. ft. per attendee. 
This issue of space/attendee ratio will be fully addressed and resolved in Sept. 2002, to bring it back into line for the 2003 Reunion.  The Committee felt it was too late to institute changes for the 2002 Reunion because rentals have long been confirmed, so keep it in mind when making reservations for your 2003 marquees if you are renting your canvas.  If you own your canvas, and are well over the initial space guidelines set down years ago please look at voluntary ways to reduce the size of your tentage.  If we share the space we have available more equitably, no one needs to be crowded.

                Have a Nice Day! ... and ... See You at Reunion!

2002 Gilwell Reunion Proposed Field Layout
( Contingent Alpha-list with Lot # is shown below.)
We tried to accomodate everyone's location request, but unfortunately some Contingent's were not able to be on the field they requested.  The layout was optimized to fullfill the requirements of our building permit while still trying to meet with the various Contingent's requests, or at least most of them.   Please note that there were NO 20x30 tents in Ebor Park. 

For those who were NOT where they had wished to be this year, the layout will again change for 2003 with our going back to a "space-to-attendee-ratio".  Also, depending on the final outcome of ongoing negotiations with the Town of Milton, the building code requirements we must meet will also have an impact on the layout.

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